Recording Project Progress

Daily reports are a necessity on the jobsite and technology can help make it smoother and easier. Filling out forms directly from mobile devices means workers no longer have to waste time at the end of the day becoming paper-pushers.

As one example, PlanGrid unveiled Field Reports, bringing realtime, customized reports in PlanGrid. This includes daily reports, inspection requests, safety checklists, hazard analysis, and more. It allows workers to copy reports from previous days, eliminating the mundane task of manually entering repetitive information.

The biggest issue superintendents encounter is filling out different forms and classifying them so they align with events in the field. With type of platform, superintendents can fill out the reports without having to log out of the application and use pictures, snapshots, and attachments already in place.

At the end of the day, all the information is instantly available to the head office. This one example of new technology for project reporting that will help contractors be more efficient at the jobsite.

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