New Bucket Options for Wheel Drive Loaders

For construction companies, equipment is still one of the most used and valuable tools on the construction jobsite, which is why enhancements to the machinery is critical to improving business operations.

Many manufacturing companies continue to make big changes, and one recent example is enhancing wheel loaders.

For instance, John Deere offers new buckets for the 744K-II, 824K-II, and 844K-III wheel loader models.

While this is only one example, it does point to a larger trend toward enhanced buckets for better performance. In this case, it includes an improved bucket profile, integrated narrow spill guards, bushed static bucket pin joints, and optional wear plating.

Being able to use construction equipment to its fullest on the jobsite allows contractors to be the most productive.

This helps reduce loading time, fuel consumption, and number of loads on the machine.

This is just one example of equipment improvements that will help contractors be more efficient on the jobsite.

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