More Power, More Safety During Demolition

Finding safer alternatives to handle tools is critical in the construction industry. Often, heavy vibrations can cause worker fatigue, which leads to injuries over time. Many companies are coming to market with new solutions that help make working at the construction jobsite a little bit easier.

One example comes from Brokk, a manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition machines, which has introduced the C20 Rock Splitter.

The attachment offers contractors a safe and quiet alternative to explosives and hydraulic breakers. It increases productivity in industries including mining, quarrying, tunneling, construction, and demolition.

Paired with a Brokk 280 demolition robot and counter weight, the C20 Rock Splitter allows contractors to split rock with all the speed and effectiveness of breakers and chippers, but without the noise, vibration, and danger common with that type of equipment.

The method is quieter, safer, and produces fewer vibrations and dust than breakers and explosives. It presents contractors with a productive alternative in areas where potentially disruptive demolition techniques are not allowed and it works fast compared to expanding demolition chemicals.

This is just one example of new technology and robots being used in construction, and it shows the potential of this technology for use in the industry

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