Innovative Cement for Your Construction Project

One trend in the construction market is innovations in cement. Advances in technologies have led to improvements in the production volumes of cement manufacturers. The higher production volumes have also increased air pollution across the globe. The primary reason for air pollution in the cement business includes excavation activities, conveyer belts, crushing mills, and kiln emissions.

According to a recent report, one driver in the market is an increasing demand for plasticizers. These are added to concrete to reduce the water content to achieve a certain degree of workability. With the increase in paste quality, the concrete mixture acquires a higher strength, increased resistance to weathering, reduces permeability, improves the bond between concrete, reinforcement, and wetting. and reduces shrinkage cracking tendencies.

One challenge in the market is increase in construction costs and lack of skilled workforce. The construction industry uses materials such as stainless steel, hardened steel, cast iron, cement, concrete, bricks, aggregates, and others. The cost of cement accounts for about 1-15%, the cost of steel accounts for 8-10%, and other materials account for 25-30% of the total cost incurred for construction.

The availability of these materials creates a cycle of variable pricing wherein the increase in the prices of one building material increases the total cost of construction, thereby increasing the overall construction costs. As construction practices become more sustainable, the cement additives market will grow with it. Improving the cement will lead to a longer life and less repairs.

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