Increased Air Travel Drives Smart Airport Construction Demand

Smart airports are equipped to handle large passenger volume while providing ease of comfort to travelers. The robust growth of the tourism industry, combined with the increasing number of air travelers, is creating a strong demand for the global smart airport construction market.

The global smart airport construction market encompass various smart technologies that are incorporated together to provide workable, smart solutions to challenges such as excess passenger traffic, long check-in lines, and baggage capacity constraint. Smart airports that use intelligent systems are integrated with smartphones to provide a better traveling experience for passengers. The global smart airport construction market will grow to $956.28 billion by 2021.

The growing number of air passengers creates a critical need for more efficient and smart baggage solutions, which will trigger the growth of the market worldwide. The smart baggage solution provides a biometric-enabled electronic tag that has a tracking device embedded within. Baggage solution enables the tracking system on luggage for frequent flyers.

The economic development in emerging countries is the prime reason behind the increase in the number of air passengers. It is expected that China will establish itself as the largest aviation market in the world by 2025. India is also projected to hold one of the top three positions in the global aviation market. The increase in passenger volume will be one of the main drivers for the growth of the market since they can provide solutions to potential crises and help manage passenger volume in a streamlined and efficient manner.

Per the World Travel and Tourism Council, the number of international tourists has constantly been increasing during the past few years. The simplification of the tourist visa procedure created an additional boost to the volume of international tourists, which will contribute to the growth of smart airport construction.

This will provide big opportunities for construction companies, which will play a role in implementing some of these technologies in construction projects in the future.

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