Increase Safety with Operator Training Based Assignments

With the advent of the IoT (Internet of Things), the construction jobsite is becoming more connected. Businesses can leverage all this innovation to improve corporate objectives, especially when it comes to safety.

New advancements are looking to put more “smarts” in construction safety. One area that needs to be carefully managed is worker training records. These need to be accessible easily in most construction businesses.

Credential Verification Service (CVS) is one company that is making automated retrieval a little bit easier. CVS identification cards include a QR code. When the card is scanned with a smartphone or a tablet, it pulls up the employee's complete training record.

If a supervisor or foreman wants to know if the person is certified to run a piece of equipment, they scan it with their smartphone and all of the training comes up. Technology such as this can be a big help to contractors on the jobsite.

Previously, superintendents would have to call the head office to check, a time-consuming process—and technology is rapidly changing that.

In the case of CVS, it takes it a step further. It also sends out automatic reminders when employees need recertification and provides enhanced photo ID cards to many employers in safety-conscious industries such as construction, healthcare, transportation, and energy. Each durable plastic wallet card shows the employee's training records when scanned. This lets supervisors assign jobs only to employees who are trained to do them.

This is only one example of how new technology can save time and assist in the decision making process on the jobsite—and help make workers a little bit safer.

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