Improve Project Management with Construction Cameras

One of the newest technology trends for the construction industry is hybrid construction cameras with historic archives, which offers a number of different benefit for workers.

For instance, an innovative hybrid construction camera that possesses broadcast-quality 4K live streaming video for jobsite viewing and gigapixel time-lapse documentation for historic archives has been announced.

The GigapixelCam X1 by EarthCam is one example. It has a larger high-performance image sensor, photos, and gigapixel panoramas, which are displayed with a range of brightness levels.

This hybrid solution does the work of multiple types of cameras to provide owners, architects, and contractors with the content required to showcase their legacy projects. The camera also uses solar power and 4G cellular data, making it a wireless and versatile system that can be installed in most locations.

This one example of a new construction camera. There are many options that are enabling construction companies to keep a better eye on the jobsite and showcase projects for owners.

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