Hybrid Handlers Lift the Aerial Market

One trend in the construction industry today is the increased adoption of hybrid telehandlers. Challenges with the availability of fossil fuels have prompted new technologies such as hybrid telehandlers and electric telehandlers. The global telehandlers market for the construction industry will soar to almost 5% between this year all the through 2021.

Growth in infrastructure development is driving the market. Infrastructure development has a direct impact on various sectors of the global economy. The need for better infrastructure leads to a high demand for telehandlers, as they are useful in a wide range of construction activities.

One challenge that is popping up is a lack of skilled and qualified telehandler operators. Although telehandlers are versatile, they have limitations. With their reach and capacity increasing, many accidents happen due to improper use of the equipment. There is uncertainty in training and safety standards of telehandlers, which has increased the risk of hazardous accidents. Contractors are reporting a shortage of skilled manpower.

This market has a lot of potential. Contractors can take note of the opportunities available to them and benefit from the new technologies that are emerging.

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