Going Green to Save the Green

Green buildings are being considered as the modern day architectural marvels because of their potential to protect environment and transforming real estate market substantially—and this trend can be seen across the globe.

India's National Housing Bank India's state-owned housing financial institution projected that India's real estate sector is expected to surpass $150 billion industry by 2020, building on initiatives such as smart-city mission.

Green buildings are a special segment of the real estate industry. Almost three-fourths of the buildings to be constructed in India by 2030 are yet to be built. As the awareness about green buildings is on the rise, along with favorable policies, a major portion of these will be green buildings.

Environment friendliness and reduced operating costs are already among the parameters real estate customers consider before investing. The promotion of green buildings is going to have immense impact on the future green building market.

Growth in green-building market in India is also likely to bring about economic growth by creation of a new industrial sector. Green building is completely new in India. There are very few existing professionals in the sector.

As the market grows, there will be demand for architects, technicians, energy experts, environmentalists, and consultants having adequate knowledge of the sector. Contractors who can produce green buildings will have the biggest advantage in the market in the future.

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