Equipment Testing Goes to School

Kubota Tractor Corp., and the Texas A&M University System announced a strategic venture within its research and development program to test equipment performance in various applications within the Texas A&M University System on land and within its testing facilities.

Kubota will be working with the university to test equipment and observe performance overall, and to test various field operations within the state-of-the-art research facilities at Texas A&M, including the dynamometer laboratory, temperature control laboratory, and hydraulics flow laboratory.

Kubota relocated its North American headquarters to Texas earlier this year in direct alignment with the company’s strategic business objectives to strengthen Kubota’s brand in the U.S. marketplace, and position the company for long-term, sustainable growth in North America.

With North Texas as its new home, the company is strategically aligning itself with organizations such as Texas A&M to further relationships and more deeply plant its roots in the state.

This partnership should bring new innovation to construction equipment and further push the growth of new technologies in the industry.

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