Construction Is Up, Workers Are Down

Currently, there is a craft labor shortage, but those that make up the union construction and maintenance industry are more optimistic about growth opportunities in 2017 and beyond, compared to last year. Some union crafts face greater labor shortfalls than others.

These findings are from the 2017 Union Craft Labor Supply report, released by The Association of Union Constructors (TAUC). It gives an understanding of the current state of union labor supply in the construction and maintenance industry throughout the United States.

The results show that the outlook is more optimistic for growth. For instance, more than 75% of respondents expect the industry to grow this year, which is up from 58% last year. Labor remains more optimistic about growth than contractors and owners.

At the same time, the union craft labor shortages have increased in the past year. Union and labor respondents showed low shortage rates and high surplus rates, while construction manager’s report high shortage rates. Additionally, the highest trade with labor shortage was carpenters and millwrights last year.

These findings show an interesting disparity between the promise of project growth with labor shortages. If the market is going to grow, there needs to be more workers for the projects. Contractors need to be aware of the challenges that labor shortages will bring.

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