Construction Chemicals: What You Need to Know

In developed markets, stringent environmental regulations are creating a vast market for acrylic water-based adhesive technologies that result in low or zero volatile organic compound emissions. With this influx, contractors and manufacturers have a few challenges to overcome to keep the sector going.

The Asia-Pacific Construction Chemicals Market study covers concrete admixtures, waterproofing, industrial flooring, grouts and concrete repair mortars, as well as adhesives and sealants. It presents trends to 2023.

Being a price-sensitive market that is also plagued by a lack of a skilled labor force; customers gravitate toward low-cost, easy-to-apply products. The competition from Chinese imports is further exacerbating the price wars, restricting margins, and market growth.

In this environment, manufacturers are severely marketing their existing products and systems instead of creating value-added solutions. Commoditized products will continue to occupy a major part of the marketshare, but will gradually decrease due to rising consumer awareness of specialty and sustainable products. The push for sustainability will shake the market up and help contractors produce better projects.

The manufacturers that thrive in this challenging market will be the ones that are capable of offering innovative, cost-effective and green solutions to customers across the spectrum. Contractors that work with those that provide these solutions will have the success in the market.

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