Streamlining the Fleet Management Process

Fleet managers are continually seeking ways to streamline processes and improve efficiencies and safety.

To that end, Omnitracs, a developer of fleet management solutions, recently launched Omnitracs Integrated Telematics (OIT).

Meeting the needs of growing fleets or those that require better data capture and analytics, Omnitracs’ Integrated Telematics provides realtime GPS (global positioning system) and driver-performance data, increasing visibility into asset location, driver behavior, and traffic conditions.

In addition to tracking relative road speed, idling duration and cost, other features of the solution include in-depth data capture and analysis of individual driver performance, and historical and current GPS information and vehicle usage monitoring, including information regarding activity during or after defined work hours, fuel costs, and route accountability. Both of these provide real time information, which offers better decision-making.

Another unique characteristic is the fact it is a hardware-free solution offered as part of the original equipment, allowing for optional integration with routing and dispatching.

Finally, it offers detailed summary and exception reporting with real time alerts via email or text message.

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