Top Tech Trends for PPE

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is used on construction jobsites across the globe, but today it continues to advance. Here are the top tech trends for PPE today and in the months ahead, which could change the way construction professionals do business in the field.

High-Visibility Clothing

High-visibility protective clothing helps the workers employed in construction. They are particularly used by workers employed in road construction, infrastructure projects like metro rail, and the mining industry.

Reflective materials and fluorescent colors are used in these clothes, providing clear visibility even while working at night. This protects the workers from any possible hazard or accident by providing third parties such as drivers and co-workers a clear view from any angle. Construction professionals can expect more high-visibility clothing on the job.

Smart Helmets

The global smart helmet market is in its nascent phase of development. Penetration and adoption of smart helmets have started to gain significant momentum in the market.

Technavio forecasts this market will grow 16 percent by 2021, with the augmented use of smart helmets in industries such as construction set to rise. As more wearables come to construction, this will also change how PPE is used in the field.

PPE in Mining

There are three big emerging trends for personal protective equipment in mining. This includes: automation in mining; increasing participation of women in mining; and increasing profit margins for miners with increasing focus on portfolio management.

As these big trends transform how mining construction is performed, it is also impacting how PPE is used. For instance, an increasing participation of women in mining projects means there is more PPE gear being developed specifically for women in this space. As mining construction continues to change, so too will PPE. In addition, as sensors get smaller and prices come down look for more creative solutions to be introduced to the PPE market.

For the construction industry, personal protective gear can ensure greater safety on the jobsite. Today, the gear continues to advance, offering new ways to stay safe on the job.

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