High-Tech Training for Welders

Technology can help with training, amid a labor shortage. For the construction industry, skilled labor is hard to find, but technology can help in a number of areas, including training trades such as welders.

Workers trained in the latest welding techniques and devices will benefit from higher pay and greater job security for welding-related trades. Further, when welding students learn with mixed reality, there is a decrease in the amount of time needed to complete the training and the schools are able to save some expenses.

Hands-on Welding Training 

One example of this comes from zSpace and Mimbus, which have developed a new welding application and handheld simulator to give welders and boilermakers an edge.

The simulator is called Wave NG and uses mixed reality environment to give students hands-on training with welding procedures. Students can also receive a multisensory training experience, welding from multiple angles while using their eyes, ears and hands to master core skills of the welder’s trade such as concentration, precision and dexterity.

The companies say this decreases the time needed to complete training by 50 percent and schools realize a savings of up to 30 percent of consumable costs.

Another benefit is the construction industry has more skilled trade out at the jobsite, which will ultimately mean projects are completed on time and on budget. This is one example of how technology can help train the next generation of workers in the construction industry.

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