Drone Investments Take Flight

Drones on the jobsite aren’t commonplace yet, but new technologies and market projections have them popping up all over the place. Dronomy, the construction drone-software start-up, has secured investments to propel the market forward.

The construction market is estimated by the World Economic Forum at almost $10 trillion, while drone-based solutions for the construction market are estimated by Goldman Sachs to accumulate to more than $11 billion in the next five years. Construction companies, developers and subcontractors are starting to realize the benefits of using technological solutions as part of their business processes to reduce ever-occurring project delays, cost overruns and disputes, which can account for a significant percentage of a project's overall costs.

Currently, the drone-based solution helps construction companies enhance site management and project control by building knowledge into their projects. This is accomplished by analysis of data collected by drones on the site using autonomous drones. It is then analyzed into actionable information that is shared over the cloud to all relevant project stakeholders.

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