Is Your Drone Data Secure?

For construction professionals considering using advanced equipment and drones on construction jobsites, security of data is a top priority. A new study dives into the security practices of one drone provider.

Protecting User Data

The recent report from Kivu Consulting scrutinized DJI’s data practices, examining drones, mobile apps, and servers, as well as the data streams. Kivu engineers looked at the code repositories for DJI’s mobile apps and tested whether DJI’s drones could transmit sensitive user data without connecting to the DJI app.

To conduct the study, Kivu independently bought DJI drones, as well as iOS and Android devices in the United States, and downloaded the DJI GO 4 mobile apps. It also set up systems to capture all data transmitted through iOS and Android devices, and reviewed source code, application, data, server addresses, and data generated during operation.

The report found that DJI drone-users have control of how the data is collected, stored, and transmitted. It also confirmed that DJI did not access photos, videos, or flight logs generated by the drones unless drone operators voluntarily chose to share them.

This comes as the use of drones in the construction industry continues to skyrocket. DJI recently announced a partnership with Microsoft to bring artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to its drones.

For workers, the use of drones in construction continues to grow, offering new opportunities for the jobsite in the future.

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