IoT Market on the Rise

The construction jobsite is becoming more connected—thanks in part to the advent of the IoT (Internet of Things). Do you know how the IoT is going to impact your jobsite? The implications of the technology might extend a little bit further than you think.

The IoT has been popping up on the jobsite more often, as equipment communicates with each other without needing assistance by the contractor. This type of technology improves efficiency, communication, and transparency on a job by having realtime data available to the contractor.

Anticipated growth in the U.S. IoT market during 2017-2022 can be attributed to growing number of connected devices, rising Internet penetration, growing bring your own device trend, coupled with increasing technological advancements.

With the growing adoption of IoT technology in various application areas including smart cities, smart manufacturing, logistics, transportation, demand for IoT services in the U.S. is forecast to grow throughout the course of next five years.

The Internet of Things market in the U.S. is projected for quite some time now. As this continues to happen, there will be more devices available to contractors that will solve issues on the jobsite. And as things become connected, the jobsite landscape will change bringing with it more efficiency and cost savings to construction.