Inside One Construction Company's Drone Implementation

A number of years ago, McCarthy Building Companies Inc., began its evaluation of how enterprise drone programs can increase efficiency, improve safety, reduce risk, and ultimately provide value for clients across all of its construction jobsites. Its test of drone platforms and aerial stitching software proved drones improve data analysis on complex building projects.

McCarthy understands that to lead the industry in photogrammetry technology means integrating an entire platform, which includes rapid data capture, intelligence, and visualization into the enterprise workflow.

In order to do this, McCarthy is collaborating with PrecisionHawk, a provider of enterprise-grade, commercial drone technology, to help scale its growing drone program. Using PrecisionHawk’s open software architecture, the companies will develop custom software and algorithms to empower the construction industry using aerial intelligence.

This is just the beginning. McCarthy will deploy several near-term initiatives including automatically generating models from data captured by drones; applying ground penetrating radar data to provide more accurate information; and implementing augmented reality techniques for more accurate visualization.

The construction company aims to build a process that can automatically generate as-built 3D models with photogrammetry data and integrate those models across all phases of a project from early in the design phase through construction completion and turnover.

As drones become an increasingly important technology tool, having experienced staff and sophisticated solutions are essential.

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