How One Contractor Is Embracing a Digital Transformation

Bouygues Construction has a new initiative focused on accelerating the digital transformation of its projects. The company designs, builds and operates projects in the areas of building and infrastructure, with a focus on sustainable construction and shared innovation.

The organization sees innovation as a primary source of added value, and this shared innovation can benefit its customers, while also improving its productivity and working condition.

Now, the company has a new initiative that is designed to help centralize information throughout the project lifecycle, from design to operation, and share it with all internal and external stakeholders. It is also designed to help better structure its operating methods through the use of more standardized processes.

This initiative is an extension of the company’s commitment to further industrialize its operations and enhance collaboration with its supply chain partners. It follows the company’s adoption of building information modeling (BIM) methodology—which is a framework for integrating technologies and processes to drive end-to-end efficiency in construction operations and was adopted by Bouygues Construction several years ago.

Several technology companies including Accenture and Dassault Systèmes are helping develop this digital environment for collaborative project management in construction. The companies will help Bouygues Construction centrally manage construction projects from start to finish.

This will help modernize the business and connect employees with the supply chain through a digital platform. The end result will be greater efficiency for everyone involved in the business.

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