How Much Can Telematics Save? ROI Estimator Shows You

Telematics is a critical component for contractors striving to centrally manage their fleets. Knowing the hours and location of equipment, sending machine-health alerts and tracking machine production helps them both manage equipment and grow their businesses cost-effectively.

To that end, the new JDLink ROI estimator by  John Deere is proving the effectiveness telematics solutions can offer. The tool is designed to quantify the value of keeping machines connected using JDLink and is part of a larger effort to continually educate customers on technology and its benefits in improving productivity, uptime and daily operating costs.

The tool is designed to be user friendly. Customers visit and complete the customer operational input functions, including average fuel cost, estimated idle time percentage and desired idle time percentage. From there, a final value percentage is calculated.

Customers then enter their specific fleet information, including models, number of units and estimated working hours per day. Once all information is entered, the calculate function will quantify the return that can be realized by making changes in the way a customer’s machines are operated. This information can be used to develop a business case to continue using JDLink.

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