How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Construction Planning

Artificial intelligence (AI) is offering a number of new opportunities for the construction industry—from the office to the jobsite. It is already changing the way work is done, and will continue to evolve business in the future.

This comes at a time when the Internet of Things (IoT) technology market is expected to surge, growing 25.1 percent between 2017 and 2022, according to MarketsandMarkets.

The ability to improve communication and automatically transfer data without human interaction is a big benefit for construction. AI is quickly proving that it can help increase productivity, process automation and complete projects faster.

AI for Construction Planning 

While the technology is more often being seen at the jobsite, there is also big potential for this intelligence in the office as well. Mind Commerce suggests that the combination of AI-enabled virtual personal assistants and smart workplace technologies is coming.

One example of this for construction is ALICE, which is an artificial intelligence parametric construction planner. The AI scheduling engine looks at ways to build projects and guides on the best schedule to fit requirements for time and cost. The company says it can save up to 33 percent on total project duration.

This technology can help enterprises become more connected—gaining intelligence from the data that exists within systems. This enables better planning, analysis and the potential for new and improved construction processes.

As the technologies continue to advance, virtual personal assistants can help assist at the office and the jobsite, creating a smarter workplace for construction companies.

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