How AI Makes Buildings Smarter

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to redefine how technology automates equipment operations and enhances the occupant experience in commercial buildings. The business of owning and managing commercial facilities has been transformed by intelligent building technologies—and thus it will also require contractors to provide new services and technologies on projects in the future.

AI is the next frontier, enhancing the automated and ongoing systems improvements to generate new revenue streams and optimize the occupant experience. As this technology becomes more popular in buildings, those who know how to install the necessary equipment for it and design the buildings with it in mind will have the upper hand in the construction industry.

A new report from Navigant Research examines the role of AI across the commercial buildings value chain, analyzing the outlook for six key types of AI and providing an analysis of the use cases, opportunities, and barriers associated with AI in intelligent buildings.

For some key industry segments, such as automation and controls, intelligent building solutions have proved disruptive by altering the competitive landscape and threatening the market position of legacy leaders. In other segments, such as the design, build, renovate segment, the industry is just now exploring how they can innovate and evolve. This range in impact is expected to be amplified as AI solutions enter the market.

The use of AI in buildings will have a ripple effect in the construction industry, requiring contractors to incorporate new systems on projects.

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