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Getting Started with Drones in Construction



In the past, drones were primarily used for military practices, but now drones are here for all enterprises—and they are transforming how work is done in the construction industry. In fact, Research Nester predicts the global drone market will grow 18.2 percent between 2017 and 2023.

Drones can help with a number of tasks in the construction industry such as surveying, photography, and gathering data on a project, but getting started with drones can sometimes be challenging. Consider these top tips for leveraging drones in construction.

Consider a Complete Solution

One of the challenges with using drones on construction jobsites is integrating the hardware and software on projects. However, today, a number of technology providers offer a complete all-in-one solution for construction companies. This can streamline processes and eliminate a lot of burden when getting started.

Consider Drone Services

For some construction companies, drone services might be the best route to go. Companies offer services to enable contractors to capture the same information and get the same value from drones, without the hassle of learning how to operate them. Drone services are growing substantially, with a 71.62 percent growth rate anticipated between 2016 and 2022, according to MarketsandMarkets. This could be a good option for construction companies.

Consider Bringing an Expert In-House

On the flip side, drone education is also expanding. Various universities across the globe are now offering bachelor degree programs in unmanned systems applications. Perhaps this is an opportunity to bring an in-house expert to determine how to best leverage drones across the enterprise. There might even be untapped opportunities for drone use in the future.

Consider Government Regulations

Government regulations regarding the violation of privacy policies and security are considered to be one of the factors that will hold back widespread adoption of drones. However, knowing the regulations can help eliminate this hurdle and will be essential for companies using drones.

For construction companies, drones offer a big opportunity to improve business processes, but there is a lot to consider when starting. These are just a few key areas to consider.

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