Gain Measurable Efficiencies with Time Tracking Software

For construction companies, having real-time data on projects is essential. This type of information can improve project productivity and uptime.

One example of this is through time tracking. A recent case comes from Heico Construction Group. The company consists of seven companies serving the commercial and industrial construction markets throughout the United States and Canada. Each company operates separately and has its own unique niche in the construction industry.

Heico has long considered itself a leader in adoption new technologies, although its current program did not leverage mobile technology. As such, it was unable to keep pace with the growth in the last several years. In order to prepare for the additional future growth that the company is anticipating as it moves forward, it began the adoption of time-tracking technology.

After proof-of-concept evaluation conducted at multiple sites, the construction organization settled on mJobTime. This system has mobility modules to accurately and efficiently track labor time, equipment time, daily logs, production units, per diem, budgets, GPS, geofencing and job-related documents.

Heico also has plans to use the technology to track time and gain measurable efficiencies in other critical operations. This will impact both the office and the job site.

This trend toward adopting more technologies that collect data will likely continue, as construction firms seek new ways to better manage and measure information.

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