Equipment Diagnostics in the Palm of Your Hand

Diagnostics are helping the construction industry improve business. Having access to data is critical on any project, and now more data is available to operators and technicians right out at the construction jobsite.

This can enable users to monitor a machine’s sensors, including engine temperature, oil pressure, fuel levels and batter voltage, calibrate the machine, make speed adjustments during pre-operation inspection, receive fault code information, and more.

Recently, this trend continues to transform even further, as this diagnostic information can also be available on handheld devices, giving workers access to data where and when they need it, allowing for improved business productivity and greater uptime of equipment.

Access Vital Equipment Data in the Field

One recent example of this comes from Genie, which is a Terex brand. The company offers the Genie Tech Pro Link device, which is designed to work independently of a laptop, giving a service technician immediate access to maintenance, faults, settings, and sensors.

In the future, the company plans to add the capability that will allow technicians to download the data to a laptop or desktop computer for additional analysis and tracking.

While this is only one example, the trend in general is moving toward having more access to data from anywhere—even on mobile devices. Having this information readily available keeps the equipment up and running and the jobsite humming along.

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