End-to-End Telematics Solutions for Construction

Telematics can help deliver better collaboration across a project, providing the right information to the right people at the right time. This ultimately helps reduce lifecycle service costs and drives higher asset use.

Decisiv, a provider of a cloud-based service-relationship management (SRM) platform, says telematics can have a quantifiable advantage, up to 36 percent less diagnostic time and a 20 percent improvement in uptime.

The company recently partnered with LHP Telematics, a provider of telematics hardware, cellular data plans, and software in the off-highway market.

Telematics generates structured, actionable data that can then be used in the SRM platform. This intelligent equipment diagnostic information can help improve the thoroughness of repair analyses and enables faster return to service.

Decisiv even says it can provide intelligent collaboration across the entire supply chain.

While this is one example of a new partnership, telematics providers are more often partnering with software providers in order to give construction companies a complete end-to-end solution. The end result is better data to make more informed decisions on projects.

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