Drone-Generated Thermal Maps Enhance Inspections

Drones are constantly evolving, offering new opportunities for construction companies to improve business processes. One of the latest trends is the use of thermal mapping technology on drones.

Traditionally, thermal inspections have been time-consuming and were difficult to access some areas. Thermal maps on drones are able to visualize temperature range and create maps. With this data in hand, some of the benefits include being able to picture the situation and make decisions quickly.

One new example comes from DroneDeploy, which offers a Thermal Live Map. The solution uses edge computing to general thermal drone maps locally on iOS devices.

A specific use case where this kind of technology can help is on solar projects. Often solar panels overheat, go offline, or require maintenance due to dust or scratches. Inspections can be very time consuming.

With the combination of drones and thermal maps, workers can inspect the solar farm from the sky very quickly. This enables operators to isolate and measure potential problem areas while the drone is still in flight.

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