Drone-enabled Services Take Off

The global commercial drone-enabled services market is poised for take-off.

The growing application of commercial drone-enabled services in construction, agriculture and law enforcement means the market for such services will witness high growth during the next four years.

One of the latest developments in this market is the integration of commercial drones with VR (virtual reality) technology. The growing popularity of camera drones is another trend gaining significance in the market. 

The application of drones in construction sites is comparatively new and occupies the highest share in the market. By providing aerial photography, these drones assist contractors in supervising the progress of a project for its entire lifecycle.

Construction engineers can also use drones to precisely monitor projects and compare plans to better coordinate material and labor distribution on site. Drones are also used to develop 3D models promptly and with accuracy.

Drones are fabricated to access unapproachable locations such as eroded coastlines and mountaintops. They help in obtaining high-solution data that can be used later for 3D mapping and contouring of locations.

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