Drone Sensing and Smarts

Drone technology continues to advanceDrones, also known as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), are changing how business is performed at the construction jobsite. As this is happening, the technology continues to advance as well, incorporating advanced sensing technology to enable better surveying and mapping.

As one example, Sentera recently announced new aerial data-capture capabilities as part of its Omni Quad-Rotor UAV. This Sentera Double 4K Sensor makes it easy to get precise data for inspection, surveying and mapping. This enables users to collect data from obscure angles.

The Sentera Double 4K Sensor has data-processing technology combined with vibration muting. It also has dual zoom levels that enable users to review a wide-angle field of view and audit a structure.

The device only weights eight pounds and is compatible with a variety of sensors—carrying each for up to 25 minutes of flight.

While this type of technology provides value in a number of industries, construction companies can benefit by using these flying machines to capture data that is critical to completing projects.

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