Demolition Machine Improves Your Jobsite

Construction professionals are constantly on the hunt for new ways to improve safety and productivity at the jobsite. This is where remote-controlled demolition robots enter the equation.

Consider the example of Brokk. The company recently introduced the new Brokk 500, which features 40 percent more demolition power than the Brokk 400, as well as the Brokk SmartPower electrical system, a more powerful breaker, and extended reach.

The Brokk SmartPower system is uniquely designed for the extremely tough operating environments of a demolition robot. Its components are either designed to withstand the demolition forces over time. It helps the operator start the machine on a poor power supply, while at the same time protecting the machine from any harmful faulty power.

New on this machine is that operators can complete all daily and weekly maintenance without having to lift the covers of the machine. Replacing any damaged hydraulic hoses is now easier than before.

While this is just one example of demolition robots, there are many options available to contractors who are looking for machines that will improve efficiency and worker safety at the jobsite.