Working at Heights With More Confidence

Understanding technology on lifts can help make the jobsite a little bit safer. For construction workers, there are a number of ways to ensure employees are safe when working at heights. This can include using personal protective equipment and selecting the best means when working at heights such as scaffold vs. lift vs. ladder.

Further, it can be critical that construction companies choose the right equipment, with new technology features, to ensure workers are safe on the job.

Load-Sensing Technology

Many equipment manufacturers are now offering technology that can recognize the load. This type of technology can improve workers safety at the jobsite.

One example of this comes from JLG Industries, which offers technology that combines attachment recognition with real-time load data so telehandler operators can work with more confidence. Telehandlers equipped with this system often rely on hydraulic power to raise the boom, but use gravity to lower it, providing the operator with better, more precise control.

A Variety of Equipment Training Options

JLG also takes this one step further, offering training on the technology and equipment. The company offers a program that is designed to train operators to use JLG and competitive model aerial work platforms safely and efficiently. Its instructors have participated in and graduated from one of the company’s three training programs. From there, equipment owners and renters can choose classroom or online option to complete training.

The bottom line is equipment continues to evolve, with more high-tech features to enable a safer jobsite. Operators and construction professionals will need to know how to take advantage of all this new technology—and training programs might just be the way to do that in the future.

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