University Programs Teaching Construction Technology

The next generation of young minds are currently studying and learning in universities all across the globe. What they are being taught will change how work is performed at the construction jobsite in the future.

Now, more universities, are teaching students how to use technology. One example comes from Missouri University of Science and Technology. The school is educating its students in the geological engineering program how to use mapping and surveying technologies.

This includes how to use a drone, imagery app, and photogrammetry software for generating a multitude of maps and models. This is coupled with a hands-on practice that is designed to help students know how to use data and tools. In this case, the Missouri University of Science and Technology is working with Datumate.

The use of advanced automation in this program will help turn surveying into a more attractive profession, and is expected to increase students’ satisfaction and grow enrollment by 10 to 15 percent, according to the university.

This is only one example of a university that is leveraging technology to educate students. Another examples comes from Purdue University, which highlights emerging technologies that can produce a high impact on the construction industry.

As emerging technologies continue to proliferate the construction industry, universities are taking notice and helping educate the next generation about how to use these tools effectively. This will ultimately have an impact on how work is done at the construction jobsite.

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