Spurring Interest in Construction Professions

With the aging construction workforce, the labor shortage has become a crisis. However, the good news is many of the companies working in the space recognize it is a challenge and are approaching the shortage in unique ways.

For instance, two organizations recently partnered for a series of grants to be awarded to individuals pursuing skills and/or certification as a crane operator or rigger. The objective is to promote and inspire careers in the construction industry.

Construction Certification & Training Programs

Together, the Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau, which provides customized training for lifting equipment and inspection services, and SC&R Foundation, which is a nonprofit that does research projects, scholarships and grants, and education, are offering grants to individuals pursuing a career in the specialized transportation, crane or rigging industry.

Programs such as this are good to help spur interest in the industry. The most recent numbers from the Associated General Contractors of America show that 70 percent of construction firms report they are having a hard time filling hourly craft positions that represent the bulk of the construction workforce.

As such, construction organizations are changing the way they operate, recruit, and compensate with this in mind, but many are still very cautious that the chronic labor shortages could have a very significant economic impact without greater investments in career and technical education.

The partnership between the Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau and the SC&R Foundation is one way the industry is investing in the future and inspiring the next generation to join the construction industry.

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