How A Demolition Bot Can Grow Your Business

One small company uses a demolition robot to grow its business. Bader Group is a company with only 15 employees, but it is constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and productivity; and that is where technology and innovation enter the equation.

The company purchased a Brokk 110 after a demo that showed the safety and productivity benefits of using the piece of equipment. The 2,813-pound machine’s compact size—at only 31 inches wide and 45 inches tall—gives it the ability to fit through most doorways. This makes it an ideal fit for Bader Group’s interior demolition and concrete cutting work.

Gisselle Bader, project manager, Bader Group, was the first to learn how to operate the equipment. Her grandfather started the company in 1994, and passed it on to her father. The use of this equipment has helped the company find a niche demolishing bank vaults with concrete walls as thick as 18 inches.

Leveraging the Benefits of a Demolition Robot

The equipment has also offered some unique benefits to the company. For example, on one recent project involving removing a mezzanine from an old nightclub, the general contractor gave the company the contract because the electric-powered B110 could remove the 1,200-sq.ft. of reinforced concrete in about half the time as hand tools. This eliminated the need for expensive ventilation equipment.

In general, general contractors have been impressed by how this specialty contractor leverages the new equipment to get the job done faster. Bader even says the company saves about 20 percent in labor costs during the first year of using the machine and has found a health insurance provider that charges less due to the safety benefits of the equipment.

This is one example of how advanced equipment can help a construction company stand out in a competitive market.

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