High-Tech Training for Construction Equipment Operators

From augmented reality (AR), to virtual reality (VR), to simulation centers, there are many new, high-tech ways to train your operators to work safely and efficiently.

Operator Training Gets a High-Tech Boost

AR and VR are one of the first high-tech ways that construction professionals can train operators on new equipment. A number of manufacturers offer many option to train using the virtual experience. This gives operators the opportunity to learn in a safe environment, while being trained to work in a way that is both efficient and productive.

However, this trend is continuing to develop even further, as simulation centers are starting to become more common in the construction industry as well.

Technology Provides Operator Feedback

One example of this comes from Baker Technical Institute, which launched a heavy equipment training program that makes use of simulators. Students have the opportunity to complete tasks on the simulators during the coursework.

Even more, following the exams, the simulators provide feedback on how each student performed on the exam. This can include things such as how well they changed gears, operated brakes, moved materials, and used fuel.

Technology—and the data generated from it—can help with all areas of a construction operation, including how workers are trained out at the jobsite. Having this information easily accessible can lead to a safer and better jobsite.

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