Custom Apps: No Coding Required

One of the big challenges on the construction job site today is collecting data as it relates to inspection, delivery, work order management, and other processes. This is particularly challenging for small-and-medium-sized construction companies.

This is where apps can enter the equation. Apps enable construction companies to collect and, in some cases, even analyze data. Perhaps one of the hurdles is the fact that many apps aren’t designed to work the way the construction industry works. Thus, many of businesses either don’t leverage the technology, or create a custom option.

For small-to-medium-sized businesses, creating a custom app often isn’t a possibility. Although now, some technology providers are offering platforms that enable native app creation in a fraction of the time.

Apps Built for You

As one example, Snappi offers business process automation and field reporting apps designed for the construction industry. The company helps to design, build, and deliver apps in days, without any coding skills needed.

With technology such as this, a form library can often help smaller companies find a form that best fits their needs. From there, companies can convert it, as needed, and invite other users to fill out the forms.

Another option is the leverage professional services, which can build custom mobile apps and transform existing paper-based processes to mobile apps. In this case, modifying and customizing for a specific business can be done quickly.

Collecting and managing data at the construction jobsite doesn’t have to be an arduous process. With the right tool—or better yet app—in hand, workers can take the next step toward creating a more digitized jobsite.

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