Construction Software: These 3 Functionalities Are In Demand

From newer pieces of technology such as drones, to new concepts such as virtual reality, technology in construction is constantly changing and adapting. Mobile apps are leading the way in increasing productivity on the jobsite. The way this can be accomplished is by proper integration and coordination with their primary construction software system.

When your company is searching for construction software, you need to analyze what functionalities are a want and which ones are a need.

A recent report showed that while most construction professionals want as many functionalities to be included in their software as possible, three main construction software functionalities stood out from the rest, and have proven to give construction companies the most level of success in their everyday operations.

  • Project tracking: Project management overall is a vital tool in construction. With project tracking, you are looking to track the performance of each project. From the design phase all the way through the final construction, a proper project tracking functionality will help you note the progress and set up KPIs to monitor the cost of the project, how long it’s taking, and the quality of work being done.
  • Job costing: This is a crucial application that facilitates the assignment of costs to individual cost categories in order to enable improved cost control and job profitability analysis. A construction job is going to have many types of cost, such as labor, equipment, materials, subcontractors, and more. This functionality will allow you to break down the overall cost of a construction job into specific areas, to discover inefficiencies in the execution of work, and hopefully find jobs that are the most profitable.
  • Project estimating: Estimating will allow you to forecast your processes to determine a potential cost for a job. In doing so, it allows you to determine a rate your company may be charging to the client to perform the job. This can help your company win more bids by easily turning quotes into actionable jobs. An accurate estimating tool will also be able to increase your profitability by analyzing past work and producing more reliable estimates with automated calculations.

Construction technology drives decision making, and it’s easy to see why the above functionalities have been shown to be the most requested among construction companies. It’s imperative not to get left behind against your competitors, and ensure that your construction software can handle these tasks so you can focus more on the construction jobs at hand.

Russ Davidson is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Software Connect, a company that provides free software and application recommendations based in Milwaukee, WI. Since 1996, we’ve helped thousands of companies find the best solution for their needs by understanding software requirements and pointing them in the right direction.

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