Construction Safety Starts With These 3 Best Practices

While technology—from sensors, to wearable devices—can help enable greater safety on construction projects, improving this often starts with creating better best practices.

Case in point: Triax Technologies provides the construction industry with Internet of Things (IoT) solutions with its Spot-r system that connects workers, equipment, and managers through a connected network, sensors, and a cloud-based platform.

The company suggests that safety starts with key strategies to implement at all levels of the organization—and it recently identifies the top three best practices for construction.

  1. Prioritize the most valuable resource. This means recognizing that workers are experiencing a risk on a daily basis and construction companies need to empower crews to make safe choices. For example, this means sites can use daily safety huddles to focus on a particular concern and educate the team on safer tools, equipment, and processes.
  2. Embrace new technology. This includes wearables, sensors, robots, and drones, which can help contribute to an overall safety culture.
  3. Avoid complacency. Workers can become complacent when they perceive risks as part of the job. Rather, it suggests learning from past mistakes and implementing changes on future projects to reduce risk. Data can also help document any risky behaviors.

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