Unmanned Aerial Systems Are Taking Off

Civil unmanned aerial systems (UAS) promise to be one of the most dynamic growth sector of the world aerospace industry this decade—and it is going to change how work is done at your construction jobsite.

This is according to Teal in its latest market analysis. Eased airspace regulations, a flood of outside investment, new UAS service offerings, and the entry of leading technology companies are setting the stage for very rapid growth. The construction industry will benefit greatly from the new technology and growth of the sector.

It is forecasted that non-military UAS production will total $73.5 billion in the next decade, soaring from $2.8 billion worldwide in 2017 to $11.8 billion in 2026. The forecast includes commercial, consumer, and civil government systems. Commercial use will be the fastest growing civil segment, rising from $512 million in 2017 to $6.5 billion.

Technology companies and venture capitalists have poured $1.3 billion into investments in drone startups since 2013. Construction will lead the commercial UAS market. All 10 of the largest worldwide construction firms are deploying or experimenting with systems and will be able to quickly deploy fleets worldwide.

Low-cost, high-altitude, long endurance UAS for Internet promise to create an entirely new segment of the market. The technology seeks to bring the Internet to areas of the world with no service. The innovations with UAS that will work in remote areas may be one of the biggest advancements for the construction industry.

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