Sustainable Lighting for Big Stadiums

Daily’s Place, the new 5,500-person capacity amphitheater and 94,000 square foot covered flex field adjacent to EverBank Field, will serve as the indoor practice facility for the National Football League’s (NFL) Jacksonville Jaguars. The facility is getting light-emitting diode (LED) lighting that will have control functions that will reduce energy use by as much as 75 percent.

Daily’s Place will be lit with Eaton’s Ephesus All Field fixtures and controlled by the LandBurst wired DMX system, which will allow for the simultaneous control of both the white indoor lighting over the flex field and outdoor color lighting across the entire facility. The roof of Daily’s Place will be illuminated with Ephesus Prism RGBA fixtures, which will allow for a myriad of colorful lighting options and entertainment features.

Eaton’s Ephesus light-emitting diode sports lighting product line provides lighting that illuminates more uniformly on the playing surface and offers an improved stage for players and fans watching live and on high-definition television. The system is easy to install, requires little to no maintenance for years and offers the lowest total operating costs compared to other traditional sports lighting systems.

While this is just one example of an LED solution for energy savings and sustainability, the execution of it on such a large scale points to how these solutions will be used in the future.

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