Structural Adhesives Market Expands

With a rise in construction, a lot of smaller sectors are experiencing growth. A small, but essential sector that will see expansion is the structural adhesives market—and it will change how contractors do work at the jobsite.

The global structural adhesives market will grow 5.91 percent during the next five years, and there are some key advances and trends that are transforming the market for construction.

For instance, the latest trend gaining strength in the market is the rise in demand for structural adhesives from the wind energy sector. The wind turbine composite materials market is expected to grow rapidly due to the increase in the number of wind power capacity additions globally. The market growth is fostered by the low-cost nature of the wind energy.

One of the major drivers for this market is an increase in urbanization and infrastructure investment. The growth in urbanization and increase in infrastructure investment is driving the market for structural adhesives. These adhesives are used in architectural cladding, modular buildings, doors, and windows. The bonding applications of these adhesives include corner key joints, internal reinforcements, perimeter bond frames, and others.

The report states that a major factor hindering the growth of this market is fluctuating raw material prices. The fluctuating cost of raw materials used for manufacturing adhesives is a major challenge for the global structural adhesives market. The prices of raw materials, such as polyurethane, silicone, epoxy, and others, have been fluctuating since 2005. This construction market will benefit from the overall growth.

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