Mini Excavators Have Big Impact

Popularity of mini hybrid excavators is a trend that is gaining momentum. The debate on how much longer fossil fuels can last has pushed manufacturers to develop new technologies such as hybrid mini excavators and electric mini excavators.

As mini excavators can be used for various operations, manufacturers have constantly been upgrading and innovating to make new machines fuel-efficient, as fuel costs are a large portion of the operating costs. The global mini excavators market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 3.55 percent during the period 2017-2021.

The unprecedented demand for the energy expanding utilities sector is driving the market. Power and energy related projects continue to rapidly develop worldwide. The work of mini excavators on these sites varies from laying cables to carrying out maintenance activities. Though crawler excavators are the most common choice for work at energy projects, mini excavators are gaining popularity in the installation of electrical power supplies and transmission work since they can work in confined spaces. Mini excavators are extensively used in the installation, maintenance, and repairing of electric transmission networks and gas pipelines.

One challenge is the stringent environmental laws and regulations. The global mini excavators market is experiencing a noteworthy change, as the new emission legislations worldwide are effecting growth. These stringent regulations are compelling manufacturers to make considerable investments toward new technological advances.

The construction segment produces large amounts of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants. Measuring and monitoring realtime emissions will aid in improving the sustainability of construction. Emission measurement systems such as portable emission measurement system for realtime measurement of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbon, and carbon monoxide emissions from construction equipment help to derive emission rates and emission factors in operating condition. This market will be one to watch.

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