Leveraging Telematics on Your Smartphone

Tracking construction equipment has come a long way, with the advent of new technologies. Now, there are new digital solutions and services across the construction equipment ecosystem. This digitization revolution is set to transform the fortunes of construction economics.

As one example of this evolution, Trackunit has announced the introduction of its Trackunit Go, mobile application for real-time monitoring and optimization of construction equipment use.

The app is only one example of a wave of new technology, which will facilitate much needed changes to the way value is extracted from equipment throughout the construction lifecycle.

In this case, the app is developed to influence the everyday life of machines by solving real challenges in the construction environment, where efficiency and maximum uptime of equipment are critical to business improvement. Key to delivering relevant and timely information for business decision making is real-time data, collected via the app on the operators' smartphone.

Telematics is here—and the data can be analyzed in many places, including your phone. This one example of new technology that will help the industry move forward.

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