Demand for Steel Buildings Up

With the federal rules and licensing changes, there is a massive influx of projects set to start building in the fall. There is a need for buildings such as big warehouses and the interest is in using steel to build those buildings.

With the position of Canada’s dollar and mill production and other commodities on a high, Meteal Structure Concepts (MSC) has seen a dramatic increase in the demand for steel buildings.

Overall, MSC has seen resurgence in the demand for industrial and commercial buildings all over Western Canada, including up north, and there seems to be no slowing down in the industry on a global scale.

The global steel market is expected to reach $1.01 trillion by 2025, and that growing market is attributed to building contractors looking to build via sustainable, low-cost, and durable building materials.

Technological advancements have made pre-engineered metal buildings with high structural integrity a reality, where steel plays an essential function in lending stability, aesthetic appeal and design flexibility.

Stringent regulations promoting green and energy-efficient buildings are also contributing to steel demand, especially in industrial structures.

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