A Look Inside Trump's Infrastructure Roadmap

The infrastructure sector in the U.S. has received a lot of attention since President Trump's $1 trillion 10-year infrastructure plan was announced. Recently, there have been updates to the budgets and plans.

With the release of the Trump Administration's America First: Budget Blueprint in March 2017, and the fiscal year 2018 Budget in May, the public is slowly beginning to gain insight into what Trump's $1 trillion 10-year infrastructure plan may look like.

The 2018 Budget proposes meeting this target through a combination of new federal funding and incentivized non-federal funding. While the administration has earmarked $160 billion of federal funding for the 2018–2022 period, public funds will be focused on incentivizing additional non-federal investments rather than providing direct funding for infrastructure projects.

In January 2017, the Trump Administration released a list of projects to the National Governor's Association called the Emergency and National Security Projects. These projects were identified by the administration as among the most likely to be targeted under infrastructure proposals. The project list carries a total value of $137.5 billion. There are projects spread out across all of the key infrastructure sectors: roads, railways, electricity and power, water and sewerage, communication, and airports and ports.

According to the Infrastructure Intelligence Center (IIC), the infrastructure construction market’s total value reached $334 billion in 2016, up from $303 billion in 2011. Output is projected to grow to $430 billion by 2021, corresponding to a 5.1 percent annual average growth rate.

The IIC is currently tracking 1,817 large-scale infrastructure construction projects in the U.S., at all stages of development from announcement to execution. These projects have a total investment value of $1.54 trillion. If these projects are successfully accomplished, the construction sector will experience massive growth in the next few years.

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