CONEXPO-CON/AGG Radio - Episode 20

07.26.16 Episode 20

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Peggy Smedley Segment 1 - Advanced Energy Technologies
Peggy Smedley discusses what the Dept. of Energy is doing to help commercialize energy technologies, enabling the construction industry to build more sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings. 
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Stephanie Egger

Segment 2 – Improving Building Performance
Autodesk’s Stephanie Egger explains the technology that can be used to help improve a buildings performance and the benefits of using this tech on projects.
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Brenda Morawa

Segment 3 – Modeling & Simulation Technology
Integrated Environmental Solutions’ Brenda Morawa explains modeling and simulation technology is changing and how these changes are impacting sustainability in construction.
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Construction Worker Segment 4 – Jobsite of the Future
Building owners are beginning to expect more data in order to better manage performance and efficiency. Smedley says construction companies must leverage energy technologies.
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