Are You Ready for AI?

The driverless cars will hit the road by 2020, and autonomous haulage trucks have been serving in the mining field since 2008. GPS (global positioning system) or laser-based automatic grading systems have been well embraced in the construction industry. What is the trend of technology in the construction and mining industries? What will the daily operation look like in 5 or 10 years?

If you are a contractor or machine owner, imagine a typical, messy, or frustrating work day that will soon change to this automatic and intelligent routine:

  • 8 AM: You just won a project contract, and you have six machines. Rather than hiring 10 people and scratching your head about how you’ll get the job started, you create the project finish profile and operating parameters though the ROBO command system. With a single button click, all machines start operating autonomously.
  • 1 PM: You sip your mocha and track all machine statuses and projects’ progress through your mobile phone. All the data look good.
  • 9 PM: You are lying on the couch. You peek at the operation’s progress from time to time while enjoying the football game.
  • 8 AM the next morning: You get a message stating the project is done, with all the statistical information. And you are ready for the next job. You smile while preparing your morning coffee. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

This effortless—even enjoyable—approach to work is exactly what ROBO are trying to achieve. Being motivated by “Artificial Intelligence Drives Future,” we have been working hard to build the AIMC (Autonomous and Intelligent Machine Control) system that can plug into an existing machine, such as a bulldozer, and convert it into a fully autonomous and smart robot that delivers self-driving and navigation, accurate operating control, realtime data-driven mission planning, reliable situational awareness and collision avoidance, deep machine learning and many other features and capabilities that once were only a dream. And our cloud-based command center allows one operator to monitor, analyze, and coordinate multiple unmanned machines from any location in the world to achieve project-level optimization and automation.

The whole operation will evolve into an automatic, productive, efficient, data-driven, and safe process. There is only one question left on the table: Are you ready for it?

Liang Wang is cofounder and CEO, Robo Industries Inc.