Managing Machine and Operator Health with Mobile Apps

For construction machine operators, keeping an eye on machine health is critical. Now, technology is advancing, enabling both rental companies and fleet owners to better manage both machine and operator health.

One recent app is doing just that. Trackunit recently introduced an advanced version of its Trackunit On smartphone app. This helps fleet owners and rental companies alike. Here is a closer look at how an app or technology is making an impact today.

Apps for Fleet Owners

Using technology such as this allows users to log and track start-up routines together with service and maintenance requirements. This will help protect equipment operators by reducing the chance of faulty and unsafe equipment being used.

Further, this specific app has a checklist so operators can ensure equipment passes all pre-checks and submits reports of any visual damages.

Apps for Rental Companies

For rental companies, technology is quickly proving to be an essential tool for making pre-checks before the equipment is rented out.

Additionally, using an app to report faults and damages enables the repair process to be improved, so service technicians can bring machines to full operational condition quickly. This will also cut costs associated with downtime, delayed servicing and repair.

Overall, this technology connects man and machine, enabling both to keep track of hours worked and equipment operated. Monitoring the condition and use of machines will have big benefits on the lifecycle and cost of ownership—from rental companies to fleet owners.

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