Tech for Hydrographic Survey and Dredging Operations

Constructing marine projects requires a unique set of hardware and software tools including hydraulic excavators and software for positioning, among others. Now companies are partnering to make these types of construction projects a little bit easier.

As one example, Trimble and Teledyne Marine are offering solutions for hydrographic survey, construction, and dredging. The software provides accurate measurement and positioning to improve marine construction efficiency and safety, and provides underwater vision that can be difficult on these types of construction projects.

Dredge applications for the software support hydraulic excavators, wire cranes, bucket dredgers, underwater ploughs, trailing suction hopper dredgers, and cutter suction dredgers. Additionally, the technology offers realtime visualization of the dredge head or excavator bucket essential for precise operations to avoid over-dredge or rework. With the software, the operator can see the actual versus planned surface in 3D, profile, and long-section views. It guides the operator to the desired surface and determines the cut or fill to provide a market-leading dredging solution.

This example of software being combined with equipment operations is just one of the new technologies that is being explored by the construction industry.

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